Custom software solutions

We know there are no universal solutions and develop fully customized software
jBoxers offers implementation of cryptography-based technologies and Blockchain in your organization. We are specialized in Blockchain software platforms, Cloud solutions, Big Data, Java EE, AI, IOT solutions, DevOps, Telco solutions, Mobile cloud computing.


We offer software platforms for digital assets to digitize your transaction workflow through a highly secured, shared and replicated ledger. Our specialists are constantly upgrading the cyber security systems to ensure your business.


Our cloud-based solutions can suit all your business needs - the development of applications, wide range of services or resources. All those are available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s server.


We resolve a variety of Big Data challenges including capturing data, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy. The analysis of structured or unstructured data can gain enormous benefits for your business.


We create IOT solutions that work efficiently on any devices and systems. The process involves the creation and maintenance management software tools and secure networks so that end users can track their devices and act on real-time data.

Artificial Intelligence

AI offers opportunities and challenges to develop an Internet that people can trust. We deliver Internet-based services and applications that can be extremely useful in public and government sectors and are a key factor for economic growth.


Since Java EE is defined by its specification, we are capable to offer all possible sets - micro-services or application servers, which handle transactions, security, scalability, concurrency, and management of the components it is deploying.


Our software engineering practice aims to increase the rate of software delivery and improve a company's time to market index. It involves continuous delivery and automation put together in the entire service life cycle, from design to production support.


We offer mobile cloud computing for combining the mobile devices and cloud computing to create a new infrastructure, whereby cloud performs the heavy lifting of computing-intensive tasks and store massive amounts of data outside of mobile devices.