More than a Portfolio

Our mission is to provide unique solutions by delivering exceptional benefits. Work on building trustworthy relationships with our clients and partners. The portfolio represents our innovative minds fueled with passion and team spirit delivering exceptional results.

NOKIA (EU, Middle East, Americas)

  • Provided software solutions of technical challenges in mission-critical OSS/BSS systems;
  • Developed innovative BPMN based OSS/BSS components;
  • Unification of fixed-line and mobile campaigning;
  • Enabled to define combined (unified) marketing offers for fixed-line, mobile, and ip services;
  • Fixed broadband and local access wireless technologies.


  • Developed Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) / Service Oriented Integration (SOI)
  • Integrated Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Built Workflow Management
  • Implemented Event-driven analysis


SAP HANA is a revolutionary in-memory data platform, deployable in the cloud.  For that platform we’ve created cloud applications, best suited for performing real-time analytics. And also:

  • Core process accelerators;
  • Planning, optimization apps;
  • Sense and response apps.
  • Automated management.

Lufthansa Mobile (Germany)

  • Research and investigation of mobile applications issues that were reported by users;
  • Refactored application components for Android and iOS native application;
  • Fixed severe bugs and investigated side effects;
  • Improved user experience and increased application score.


In our applications for IBM we’ve used Watson AI services to integrate successfully chatbots, natural languages processing, machine learning for visual recognition.

  • Business application prototype;
  • Getting insights from unstructured data;
  • Text analysis;
  • Accelerated data optimization.